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New Boiler Quote App that's Easy to Use For Consumers - Designed to Bring About Necessary Change to the UK Market!

Thinking outside the BOX!

Need a new boiler quote fast? Energy Efficiency Champion of London 2016 Craig brings new ‘Smart-App’ to the industry! Set to rival other online boiler retailers.
Craig (centre) Energy Efficiency Champion

Also helping bring power back to local Gas-Safe Engineers currently under threat from the bigger organisations. The speedier quotation system also provides greater price transparency to the consumer in minutes. A new initiative has also been launched in association with NEA (National Energy Action) to assist in the on-going fight against UK fuel poverty.

Why has TPD done this new boiler quote APP?

Craig at TPD said they have recognised that two things have changed. Firstly that consumer online buying patterns have changed as the online market continues to grow. Secondly, and more worryingly, is that the bigger organisations in the industry are seeking to monopolise the boiler market. This puts the role of the smaller local installers at risk, a situation which TPD says needs addressing.
For these two reasons, TPD’s have created their new online ‘Smart-App’. The needs of ever-increasing savvy consumers making ever-increasing purchases online can now be met. When faced with having to buy a new boiler, the App instantly provides the required info a customer is seeking. Together with other changes planned by TPD, this is likely to change the way the whole industry works. The ‘playing field’ currently emerging in the market also needs re-levelling. This is the main concern of the smaller local installers.

More about the NEA Initiative

TPD itself has grown from humble beginnings. Craig has many years of experience in promoting Energy Efficiency to UK domestic households. He has witnessed first- hand the plight of heating poverty causes. As a result, TPD sees the need to give back to society by supporting the heating poverty charity NEA. For each sale that goes through their online app, TPD will donate 1% of the profits to the charity. As a result, TPD is helping to directly combat fuel poverty. They believe
they are currently the only UK organisation of its type to do so. TPD also trust that consumers may be more inclined to obtain their new boiler quote via their App.
Further info about the NEA can be found here

How does the New Boiler Quote APP work?

The process is simple. Go to TPD’s new website and answer a few questions. Within minutes, there’s your price, quoted for the entire works required. Prices quoted are more competitive than other providers though. This is because they reflect the lower charges as determined by the smaller local installers – but that’s not all. TPD’s Boiler ranges are from a greater number of manufacturers than those offered by the larger companies. This means a bigger choice for the consumer. These include Vaillant, Worcester-Bosch, Viessmann. Glow-Worm, Heatline, Ideal, Baxi, Potterton & Zanussi. Within this range, the right one for any customer would be found, whatever the fuel type. Mains gas, Oil or Propane (LPG) are all catered for.

How have buying patterns changed?

“Price Comparison sites are used by consumers to buy all manner of goods nowadays” Craig said.. This applies whether the potential customer is looking to make regular or repeat transactions. But it also applies to purchases of those ‘only now and again’ items too. These could include a new cooker, fridge/freezer or washing machine, or indeed a new boiler or central heating system.”
However, consumers also take into account the credibility and known quality standard of the provider as well. This applies whether they are looking to buy a product or a service. Craig went on to say that a good example of this is when their car insurance is due for renewal. The ‘right deal’ is often found by scouring these popular Price Comparison sites. Suppliers of Gas and Electricity are subject to the same scrutiny. as are those offering Building and House Contents Insurance. These are just examples, but there are many more.
But that said, such scrutiny is not available for every product or service seeking to be bought online. “Price Comparison sites are not available for everything” Craig stated, and that is indeed true in the case of boilers. A process which is considered much more ‘laborious’ by potential customers of such items then has to be used. TPD has sought to provide a solution to that.

What does the consumer want - or not want?

Consumers are somewhat averse to having to endure a long process when seeking to obtain a price for an item they are looking to buy. To provide themselves with their own ‘price comparison’ data though, the process has to be repeated with several suppliers. Indeed, when looking for a new boiler quote, the consumer doesn’t even have a “ballpark” figure to begin with! After all, how often do you need to buy a new boiler? Roughly, every 10 years or so is the answer, and that’s where the problem lies. “How much does a new boiler cost nowadays?” is what they want to know.
This process of obtaining sufficient info to build sufficient price comparison data is also time-consuming and considered irritating by many. An urgent need to ‘get the job done’ for whatever reason can make it even more frustrating. During the Winter season, your boiler reaching its ‘end of days’ is the last thing you want to happen. Imagine no hot water for baths or showers, and more importantly, no central heating! For thousands of households every year though, this is a scary scenario that they have to endure. TPD recognise that and have sought to provide a simple, quick solution with their App contained within their ‘shiny new’ Website

How the New Boiler Quote APP came about

Craig recognised many years ago that we were now in the Internet Age. His previous career was based on Sales and Marketing in the Home Improvement market. Looking ahead, he foresaw the need to embrace the new technology. Gone were the days of lead generation using newspaper or magazine advertising, telesales and door to door canvassing etc. Inspired by the opportunities that the Internet Age potentially provided though, he set about making the transition. Although this has served him well, it hasn’t always been an easy ride he said. There are always setbacks and hurdles that need to be overcome when bringing about such a huge change.
Luckily though, he has one characteristic which has helped him to come through it all – his tenacity. During the time that all the above was happening, he also became aware that the boiler industry itself was changing. This was also true of other industries. Smaller businesses were under threat from emerging bigger providers. His concern for local boiler Engineers grew. He built that concern into his vision of the future. That vision then eventually evolved and is the other main reason behind the introduction of their new App.

The Online Revolution

If you want to benefit from online marketing, then you have to be involved with it. The reality is that today if you are in business in whatever industry, you have to have an online presence. Failure to do so means you will suffer the consequences of NOT doing so. That realisation has been the saviour of many organisations World-wide. It has also resulted in the demise of many others though. That is, those who believed they could prosper in an ever-changing world by carrying on in the ‘old ways’. Not so, as they found out to their detriment. Not so with Craig either though, as his previous success by engaging with online-marketing has shown. Experience has also shown something else to those WITH an online presence. There is a need to continuously update it as times continue to change..

TPD Meeting Customers' Requirements & Expectations

From a consumer’s point of view, they can now get a new boiler quote online within minutes. That isn’t the only consideration though. The price itself isn’t ALL they need to know, is it? Someone has to fit it, and it might need to be done TOMORROW! How it’s going to be paid for is another issue! Not a problem said Craig – we offer a ‘one-stop-shop’! That includes the provision of Finance from various lenders with various options. No Deposit Schemes, ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ schemes and up to 10 year Payment Plans are all available. By offering these schemes, the needs of most consumers can certainly be met. Manufacturer Warranties of up to 15 years which also provide unlimited call-outs are available too. With such choices and options, the customer has on-going peace of mind on top.
Note: The above options aren’t always available via the smaller installers though. By working with TPD, they are now able to provide them. Another bonus which helps to ensure their survival!

Installers Meeting Customers' Requirements and Expectations

TPD has access to these competent experienced Engineers and Installers throughout the entire UK. In many cases, they live within 7 MILES of the home-owners location. Each is highly likely to be able to complete the entire installation WITHIN 24-hrs of the request if necessary! But to what quality standard do they operate? “We only use fully qualified local ‘Gas-Safe’ Registered Engineers,” said Craig. “We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Why are Local Installers Concerned?

Craig went on to talk about the plight of such Engineers in today’s market-place. Many operate as ‘one-man bands’ or small family businesses which have been adversely affected by industry changes. The problem they face is how THEY can generate the level of ‘sales’ they need to survive themselves. Their business needs to be ‘promoted’ in order to do so. That means advertising their services, but that in itself then opens up a can of worms for them. Online retailers and National installation companies can monopolise the Internet. Online purchases of boilers are currently running around the 87% level. This means the local guys are finding it difficult to compete.
It isn’t easy to build an online presence either. The wording and running the campaign is often time-consuming. It must also ensure that the ‘reach’ of the campaign is large enough to be cost-effective. The biggest problem, however, is in knowing how to USE the most modern and effective means of Digital marketing today. It’s time-consuming, constantly changing, expensive, needs a high level of understanding and needs to be done correctly. If NOT done so, it will produce little fruit in return, so for most of these guys, it’s a non-starter. By doing it nationally on their behalf, TPD’s App again helps give the power back to local Engineers.

The Fightback

The main change in the industry has been the emergence of the larger Groups of operators. Once established, they then seek to expand their operations. To help achieve this, significant Investor backing is often used. This is also true of many other industries of course. This is the way that business is conducted nowadays. TPD, however, have recognised the above. ‘Invisible investors’ aren’t being used to back them. Sheer hard work and an understanding of the industry have bought them to where they are now. Their business model works. Local installers and Engineers are the guys that TPD provides the work to. They have been doing so for some time now, and the system works well. Well, enough for TPD to have secured a 5 Star ’FEEFO’ rating – and that says a lot about them.
Now is the time for new battle-lines to be drawn. Modern-day needs of Consumers, Installers, Manufacturers and also those affected by Fuel Poverty have been taken into account.
Times have changed indeed.
Need a new boiler quote fast? Get your online quote today.
Nick Banduch

Nick Banduch

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