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TPD is your ‘one-stop’ shop for Boilers and Central Heating systems. You can purchase your new Boiler online from the comfort of your own home, all whilst potentially saving up to 31% on your energy bills with a new ‘A-Rated’ energy-efficient Boiler.

To get started, all you need to do is answer a few quick questions using our intelligent quote builder OR jump on a quick call with one of our friendly expert Engineers available 24/7. We can advise you which Boiler is best for your home, what size you need and which package (including finance if needed) is best for you, and the price you are then quoted is fixed – but that’s not all …

You can even have your new Boiler heating your home as soon as 24 hours after ordering. We understand how precious your time is, so we will work around your schedule no matter what. Boiler ranges are available from several manufacturers including Zanussi, Vaillant, Worcester-Bosch, Viessmann. Glow-Worm, HeatLine, Ideal, Baxi, Potterton plus more, so we’re bound to find the right one for you.

TPD is unique though is the fact that we cut out all the middlemen for your installation!

Once you’ve got everything you need and chosen your time and date through our clever system, a registered ‘Gas-Safe’ Engineer located within 7 miles of your home will be doing all the fitting. You’ll be in the best hands – just the leading industry experts taking care of your needs, AND

We’re proud to have a 5 STAR ‘FEEFO’ rating!

The TPD system is simple:

  1. Get your free quote that comes with our ‘Boiler Price Guarantee’ either with our super-quick and intelligent quote building system and/or by speaking to one of our highly trained expert Engineers on the phone who can help finalise your requirements.
  2. Choose the payment option that best suits you, selecting to spread the cost using the 3 Years 0% Interest option or the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ options also available if needed. You’re covered no matter what you decide.
  3. Pick a time and date for your installation that suits you including Saturdays and Sundays, with no additional charges being applied. All that’s left to do is relax and wait for the Engineer to arrive.

Either of the above could apply so the answer is it depends on what is wrong with it, but as Boilers get older, it can become more difficult to obtain parts for it, and there is also the aspect of how efficient it is compared to modern Boilers. Without a doubt, you should consider replacing your old Boiler for a new and highly energy-efficient one. Sometimes, repair costs can easily be almost as expensive as a brand new Boiler. Not only that, but you run the risk of having more problems in the future. Then you’ve got to fork out for repairs – AGAIN. What a nightmare!

New and modern Boilers are more efficient, safe and reliable than previously. TPD also offers you up to a whopping 15-year Warranty* which includes parts, labour and unlimited call-outs should anything happen, meaning you can relax knowing you won’t have to replace or repair your Boiler again for a long, long time …

*Note: ALL Manufacturers Warranties are subject to an annual Boiler service requirement which can be arranged separately if you wish. Just ask!

YOU don’t necessarily need to know that but WE DO!

Our online quote system will indicate what is needed as far as the Boiler’s Output rating is required. When you decide to go ahead, you can specify your choice of Manufacturer or leave it to us. There can be a price difference between one and another but it won’t be huge concerning the total cost.


You can request a call-back from one of our Engineers and even specify exactly when you would like them to call you to discuss and help resolve your problem – you’ll be impressed by how we get to know your needs to get you back up & running again quickly!

Note: If you choose to use the online quote builder, we will ALWAYS contact you to clarify any points needed to ensure we properly understand what your situation is, especially if you have indicated that your requirements are urgent.

Now there’s a question – but the phrase “How long is a piece of string” isn’t apt is it. You need to know the answer to that question before you make a decision. But don’t worry – we’ve pretty much got it covered with our system. Tell us what WE need to know and we’ll tell you what YOU need to know.

A new boiler or central heating system and installation can be relatively expensive of course, and we know we don’t need to tell you that, but we also know you want to pay the least possible to get the problem sorted, not just according to your needs but also to the highest standards too.

Good job you found us then!

If you’re a ‘Techie’, you might like to know what we have to take into account when considering what’s needed for any particular ‘job’, so here’s a (non-exhaustive) list.

  • A brand new modern ‘A’ rated Energy Efficient Boiler.
  • A brand new flue.
    Vertical or horizontal flue terminal.
  • Flue extension.
  • 45 degree bends.
  • Flashing kit.
  • Plume kit.
  • Stand-off kit.
  • Condensate pipe or pump.
  • Relocation (when required).
  • Conversion (when required).
  • New fused electric mains spur.
  • Electrical safety certification.
  • Access equipment.
  • Brickwork.
  • All the new fixtures, fittings and safety attachments.
  • Heating controls both wireless and smart.
  • Magnetic filter pack.
  • Scale-filter pack.
  • Gas supply upgrade.
  • Removal of the cylinder, pump and valves (when required).
  • New port valves.
  • New pump.
  • New pipework.
  • New radiators.
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves.
  • Power flush.
  • Chemical treatment.
  • Removal of waste from site.
  • Site clean-up.
  • Installation from a fully certified ‘Gas-Safe’ Engineer.
  • Site survey.
  • Gas safety certification.
  • Workmanship warranty.
  • Registration of the Boiler Guarantee.
  • Boiler servicing.
  • Unlimited callouts.

TPD can offer you ALL of the above with the option to spread the cost over 10 years if needed. No hassle, no stress and all under one roof within 24 hrs if needed!

Oh, and we have up to 15-year Guarantees available that cover any break downs and repairs with unlimited call-outs during that period. Certainly one item to take off the ‘worry’ list!

YES. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

You can choose a rock-solid, up to 15-year Parts and Labour Guarantee with TPD. This includes unlimited call outs for any issues you might have during the period selected.

Warranties, as referred to above, are subject to an annual Boiler servicing requirement SO you can also opt-in to purchase up to 10 years Boiler Servicing Cover – just a little something extra for TPD customers!

No mess guaranteed! The Engineers will cover all your surfaces and clean up after themselves, leaving your house as tidy as they found it – almost like they were never there!

No worries! In most cases, we’ll take it ALL away and arrange for it to be recycled. That includes your old boiler AND your old hot-water tank if relevant.

The only things you need to do before your Engineer arrives is to ensure the area around the Boiler is clear, any valuables or easily broken items are out of harm’s way. and that you cater to the needs of any occupants including furry friends in the household. That’s it – oh, except that you might want to put the kettle on too!

Once you’ve ordered your Boiler and signed your Finance Agreement if you need it, you’ll be able to book a date and time that’s best for you. You will also receive emails that contain all the confirmation details as soon as you’ve completed our quick and easy buying process.

Boilers provide hot water both for personal use and for room heating purposes. 74% of households in the U.K now use an Energy-Efficient ‘Combination Boiler’ as compared to the old type of ‘Conventional’ Boiler system which heated water which was then stored in a storage tank for baths or washing-up purposes. This tank-stored water was subject not only to ongoing heat loss despite being insulated but was also effectively a big waste of energy if the hot water generated for use at the taps was not used for whatever reason.

Modern Combi-Boilers however only supply hot water to your taps when (and if) you need it – it’s called an ‘on-demand’ system, so it isn’t providing hot water needlessly like the older type of Boilers did, so not only are you saving energy but you’re saving money too. CLEVER!

So, Combi Boilers provide heating to your home, only heat water when you need it at the taps, are nice and compact and you no longer need the old hot water tank in the airing cupboard.

Note: Where there is a heavy or constant demand for hot water at the taps for whatever reason in your home, then we would consider replacing your old-type Conventional Boiler with a new one of the same type – however, the new one would still be considerably more efficient than your old one.

Not to be confused with the virus that keeps you off work for a week, a ‘flue’ is a chimney that removes all the nasties from your Boiler to safely be ejected out of your home – an essential requirement.

Flues are either round or square and go horizontally through a wall or vertically up through a roof.

Sometimes your flue will be covered by a mesh-guard if it’s less than 2 meters off the ground or underneath a shelter. You can actually tell from the flue whether you have a Combi Boiler installed or not, as the flue outlet is made of plastic and not metal, the reason being that ‘exhaust’ gases from a Combi are much cooler than from a Conventional Boiler, so you’re not churning out lots of wasted heat through your vent as with the older type Boilers. More Win, Win again!

Natural Gas, of course, is the most common form of Energy used by Boilers to heat water, but not the only one. Boilers can also use Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Heating Oil, both of which need a separate supply tank usually situated outside of the property.

If you’re one of the 4 million homes in the U.K not connected to a natural gas mains supply for whatever reason, then LPG or Oil are the fuels you’ll be using. Unlike other Boiler providers though, TPD hasn’t forgotten the homes that are dependent on these fuels.

Rest assured we are there for you too – and with a wide range to choose from!

Smart Thermostats to control your heating system are clever little gadgets that are connected to the internet and allow you to control your room temperature directly from your computer, tablet or mobile.

They can also adapt to your home’s routine, intelligently setting temperatures depending on the time of day for instance. Smart Stats, when used with your new super-efficient Boiler, potentially save you even more money, in the long run, thanks to their intelligent temperature settings so there is minimal wastage. They even pay for themselves after a few months – certainly something to be considered.

This helpful little guy is always included & fitted to your new Boiler system on install, and always on the ‘return’ flow. It catches any tiny metal debris from your new system and stops it getting into your new Boiler, something neither we nor you would want to happen. So, longer life for your boiler then – YAY! Yet more Win, Win!

Yes, as it is more susceptible to the build-up of lime-scale in your system as indicated below. You MAY already have a scale-filter fitted to your system, and although we will introduce a chemical preventative against it when installing your new boiler, it may also be practical to install a scale filter too if you live in a ‘hard water’ area. Check the chart below to see if you may be one of those households affected by it.

UK towns and cities with the hardest water

 Town / City  Water Hardness LevelMg/I CaCo3 
 Bath Very Hard Water307
 Bristol Hard Water232
 Guildford Hard Water238
 Hemel Hempstead Very Hard Water303
 Milton Keynes Very Hard Water308
 Oxford Hard Water279
 Reading Hard Water278
 Slough Very Hard Water304
 Swindon Very Hard Water349
 Walton-on-Thames Hard Water238

UK Counties with the hardest water

CountyWater Hardness Level
BedfordshireHard to very hard water
BerkshireHard to very hard water
BuckinghamshireHard to very hard water
CambridgeshireHard to very hard water
DorsetHard to very hard water
EssexHard to very hard water
GloucestershireHard to very hard water
Greater LondonHard to very hard water
HampshireHard to very hard water
HertfordshireHard to very hard water
KentHard to very hard water
OxfordshireHard to very hard water
SurreyHard to very hard water
SussexHard to very hard water
WiltshireHard to very hard water

One of the ‘qualities’ of water is its ‘hardness’ – it can be either soft or, well …. hard. It depends on where your home is located in the UK and where your water comes from.

The difference between ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ is the amount of lime-scale contained within it. Hardness is therefore determined by the level of naturally occurring calcium and magnesium compounds in your water.

High content classifies your water as ‘hard’, and low traces make your water ‘soft’. However, the effect of these compounds shows up when you notice the tan-coloured scale that it produces – a good example is to look at the heating element at the bottom of your kettle!

So, is your heating system subject to it too? Yes of course, so it has to be prevented from building up inside your system especially if you are in a hard water area, and that’s why we would recommend a ‘Scale-filter’ at a relatively low-cost is fitted to stop that build up.

The result – longer life for your boiler and a system continuing to run at maximum efficiency.

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