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Cancellations & Refunds Policy

Please read our cancellations & refunds policy carefully.

By ordering from, you agree to the follow terms and conditions: 

Cancellation and Refunds Policy:

By ordering from, you agree to the follow terms and conditions:

1) The customer has a right to cancel a contract within 14 days of its commencement without charges & without giving any reason provided the following conditions are satisfied –

2)  Cancellation should be communicated by email to within the 14 day ‘cooling-off’ period referred to but also subject to the following condition –

3) That no goods relating to the contract have been delivered within the cooling-off period to the site address where work has been scheduled to be carried out but where such goods may have been delivered to such site address prior to installation then a delivery charge may be due and payable.

4) If the customer requests that work is carried out and actually commences before the expiry of the 14 day cooling-off period then all rights relating to it are deemed to be void.


Provided that the Terms and Conditions of the above are met then any monies paid in advance of the works being carried out will be refunded to the customer except with regard to the circumstances as referred to in Item 3 above.

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